Don is well respected and recognized for his abilities to capture scenic views of interest

throughout the four seasons, floral images and wildlife captions of birds and mammals.  His

aerial photography provides clients photographic images of landscapes, commercial properties and buildings, private property and institutional facilities such as schools, stadiums, churches, parks, recreational facilities, and a variety of commercial buildings. His images draw praise for their quality, creativity and presentation, and have been displayed in several galleries, along with businesses,, government, medical clinics and educational facilities. 

Don's artwork has been accepted annually in several juried fine art shows throughout the region.  In addition, his photography has been displayed in galleries as well as fine art shows and festivals and area social magazines.     

aerial photography
photograhy of elephant

Reichert spent a 37-year career in the federal government. Many of those years were spent functioning in wildlife biology and forest ecology research positions with the US Forest Service. During his career, he worked extensively throughout the Central Rocky Mountains and other adjacent habitat types, further enhancing his photographic skills. His extensive travels throughout these regions allowed him innumerable opportunities to photograph wildlife species, mountain and nature landscapes and wildflowers throughout all seasons of the year. After retiring from the federal government, Don took his hobby and photographic passion to the next level and started his own professional photography business with his late wife and company co-owner, Gale Reichert.  

In addition, Reichert provides photographs, writing feature stories and editorial support for a local monthly social magazine.  For several consecutive years, he has been recognized by the Colorado Press Association in receiving distinguished awards for Best News Photographer, Best Featured Story Photographer, Best Sports Photographer, and Best Sports Photo.  Reichert also functions as a free-lance photographer for the Colorado State University Athletic Department providing professional photographic services for all of the 16 inter-collegiate team sports.  His images are routinely used on the CSU Athletic Department website and in marketing, advertising, promotional literature and media guides.   

As a professional photographer with over 50 years of amateur and professional experience,

Reichert uses the many and varied subject matters to give him a broad experience in

photography.   His photographic work has taken him throughout the United States capturing

the landscape and wildlife beauty of the Central and Rocky Mountains; every east coast state

including New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, Massachusetts

and Maryland; the Midwest; the desert southwest; coastal areas, the west coast and Pacific

Northwest, plus Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, Africa, Mexico, Jamaica and the

Caribbean Islands. 

As husband with his late wife and their last name Reichert, Don and Gale Reichert established their photographic business name as 2 R’s Photography & Custom Matting & Framing.  In his business, Don particularly specializes in taking images of action sports, landscape, wildlife, nature, floral, pet captions, outdoor portrait and aerial photography.  Outside of his own business, Don works as a free-lance photographer for the Windsor Beacon, Ft. Collins Coloradoan newspaper, and the Colorado State University Athletic Department. Reichert also provides other photographic images on request for other area publications.

about don

Professional photographer, Don Reichert, a native of Fort Collins, Colorado, first became interested in this exciting field growing up as a teenager.  Living close to the mountains and an agriculture area where landscape and wildlife opportunities are abundant, Don developed a love, admiration, and respect for photography.   While in college he took the opportunity to participate in numerous photo classes, outdoor photo workshops and seminars and used the educational and hands-on practical experience to expand his interest and technical knowledge of photography.  He used those academic and practical hands-on experiences to expand the fundamental skills and keen eyesight to capture unique photographic images, particularly landscapes, aerial photos, nature, floral, wildlife images, action sports, and senior portraits. 

Professional Photography

don reichert, professional photographer

2R's Photography

Don Reichert served as past president to the Board of Directors for the prestigious Windsor Fine Arts Festival, an annual fine art show and sale held in Windsor, Colorado during the summer.